The Kellim Group,  formed in 2007, originally aimed to bring US product to Canada with huge cost savings.

Since then,  Kellim evolved, and dealings with Canadian manufacturers have become  a larger part of the picture.

Kellim began to source new products, other than envelopes and established an association with one of Canada’s largest manufacturers, Concept Envelope.

We are a leader in Police Evidence bags and evidence seal tape.

The relationships formed with manufacturers of our various products are based solely on reliability, quality, consistency, and of course, price.

Jim Boltin- In Memoriam

Jim , who passed away in 2012, was an originator of the company, instrumental in its setup.

An icon in the envelope industry, Jim had once before started a successful envelope manufacturing enterprise.

His knowledge, passion, and hard work, were traits to emulate, and Kellim’s success has always been based on these ideals.

Jim was a big man, in stature and personality. We miss him.